rosthetic and orthotic devices are designed to enhance your independence, activity level, and mobility, helping you maintain a meaningful and productive lifestyle.

The experts at RAM Orthotic and Prosthetic Lab will work with you to find just the right solution for your unique situation and needs.

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Orthotic Services

photo-knee-braceRAM offers a wide variety of both custom-made and off-the-shelf orthotic devices to provide patients with support, proper positioning, pain relief, and healing.

Spinal (Back) Braces

  • Cervical collar
  • Custom thoracic lumbosacral orthotic (TLSO) scoliosis bracing
  • Custom lumbosacral¬†orthotic (LSO)
  • Corset
  • Non-invasive cervical immobilizer

Upper Extremity

  • Shoulder, humeral, ulnar
  • Wrist, hand, finger
  • Post-op elbow brace
  • Fracture brace

afoLower Extremity

  • Torsion cable for tibial bowing, femoral antivertion, tow in gait, and pediatric patients
  • UCB inserts
  • Supra malleoli orthotic (SMO) inserts
  • Ankle foot orthotic (AFO)
  • Knee ankle foot orthotic (KAFO)
  • Hip knee ankle foot orthotic (HKAFO)
  • Patella tendon-bearing ankle foot orthotic (PTBAFO)
  • Cam walker
  • Lightweight shoes and post-op shoes
  • Post-op hip and knee braces
  • Fracture brace

 Prosthetic Services

The right custom prosthesis or off-the-shelf soft goods will aid in your rehabilitation and help you regain your independence and quality of life. Working with patients of all ages, RAM has the expertise to fabricate and fit you with the device that works best for your lifestyle.

Prosthetic Supplies

  • Prosthetic shrinker for above knee and below knee
  • Prosthetic socks and prosthetic liners

Upper Extremity Prosthesis

  • Above elbow
  • Below elbow transcarpal prosthetic
  • Shoulder disartic
  • Body-powered and myoelectric prosthetic
  • Symes prosthetic

akpLower Extremity Endoskeletal and Exoskeletal Prostheses

  • Partial foot prosthesis
  • Below knee preparatory
  • Permanent prosthesis
  • Knee disarticulation prosthesis
  • Above knee prosthesis
  • Immediate post-op removal of rigid dressing
  • Immediate post-op prosthesis

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